Life Is Like A Camera

Life Is Like A Camera Sign

Credit To: Linda Poindexter

See this funny life is like a camera sign. It will give you a positive way to capture and deal with life's ups and downs.

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6 thoughts on “Life Is Like A Camera

  1. I am the author of this quote as it was originally written (it has been changed and expanded on through the years.) I am glad you appreciate the quote and like it enough to share it. Thanks for posting it. Linda Poindexter

    1. Hi Linda,

      I thought it was a good quote. If you want me to credit your name to it I can. I could also link to your website if you have one. Please let me know.

      1. Thank you for your response. Yes, that would be nice. I do not have a website but you can find my quotes on Linda Poindexter Quotes on Facebook. That is my official page for my quotes. Again, thanks so much.

  2. Thank you…yes, it is correct. I am sorry for the delay in responding. I appreciate you sharing this quote! Linda Poindexter

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